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Tofu Chilli Stir Fry

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

V, VG, DF, GF , Serves 4 + leftovers

When it comes to getting a healthy family meal on the table fast, stir fries work a treat! Tofu however, isn’t always as easy to get over the line.

Some people believe soy products are unhealthy, while others just think tofu is boring and bland. Let’s bust both those myths now...

Quick healthy vegan meal
Tofu Chilli Stir Fry

  1. If you’re concerned about the health aspects of soy products, read my article on the health benefits of soy foods. It’s an important read, as soy products have so many benefits for women’s health which is why they are in my menopause program and really, why they should feature in any ongoing healthy meal plan.

  2. If your concern is the taste, let me help! Once you know how to cook with tofu, it’s delicious! This recipe will help...

One of the most important things when using soy products is to buy the best quality possible.

Always buy organic, NON GMO, Australian soy and tofu products.

In this recipe, we’re using firm tofu, because that’s the best type to hold it’s shape in a stir fry.

Of course, tofu replaces meat protein in this dish, but trust me, you’re not missing anything by going meat-free here. In fact, you have a load of health benefits to gain.

Tofu is rich in protein, iron, calcium as well as other essential minerals.

In contrast to meat, it’s anti inflammatory and low in saturated fat. Tofu is a prime source of soy isoflavones associated with health benefits from improved bone density, to better cardio and mental health. Winner!

Let’s go make this stir fry!


  • 500gm organic non GMO firm tofu

  • 1 red capsicum, cut in 1cm wide strips

  • 1 yellow capsicum, cut in 1cm wide strips

  • 2 heads of broccoli, florets

  • 1 med brown onion, sliced

  • 3-4 TBS Coconut oil for shallow frying (olive oil is OK too)

  • A little peanut or sesame oil if you have it to stir fry (otherwise coconut or olive oil again)

You’ll also need something to serve this with your stir fry.

I use brown rice or sometimes rice or soba noodles. Whatever you choose, make sure you prep it first so it's ready to serve with your dish.


  • 1/4 cup organic tamari (gluten free soy sauce)

  • 2 cloves (or 1 large) garlic, well diced or minced

  • 1 thumb ginger, well diced or minced

  • 1 TBS rapadura sugar (or pure maple syrup)

  • Your choice of chilli: Fresh chilli, with or without seeds depending how hot you like it. Dried chilli flakes, again, quantity depends on your heat tolerance. Or the cheat’s version; if you’re out of fresh or dry chilli, you can use a little Sriracha sauce.


  1. Prepare your vegetables first, to make cooking easy. Wash and prep veggies as noted above.

  2. Cut the tofu into small cubes of 1-2cm each.

  3. Put the tofu in a mixing bowl, and season with a little salt and pepper. Toss to evenly season.

  4. Heat the coconut oil in the base of a large pan. Add the tofu pieces and shallow fry. They’ll need a good 5 mins before turning, using tongs. Turn when the tofu looks crisp and brown turn it and repeat until all pieces and sides of tofu are crisp. Remove from oil with tongs and rest the tofu on paper towel to absorb excess oil.

  5. Clear the pan of any crusty parts and left over oil before re-using. Be careful!!

  6. Now add little peanut or sesame oil to the cleared pan. When hot, add the onion and stir fry until clear,

  7. Add all the clean, chopped vegetables and give them a quick stir. Leave them to cook while you prepare the sauce.

  8. Simply whisk all the sauce ingredients together in a cup or bowl.

  9. Go back to the vegetables and continue tossing and stirring. When they look lovely and bright but still a little crispy, add the sauce and tofu pieces. Cook it off for another minute or so, stirring until the sauce and tofu are totally mixed through.

That’s it!

This is a super easy and delicious family-friendly meal.

It’s meat free, veggie full, anti inflammatory, dairy free, gluten free (depending on your flour choice) and contains absolutely NO colours, preservatives or processed sugars.

It features in some of my healthy meal plans and is a favourite whole food meal my family loves all year round!

I hope your family love it too!

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