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The importance of gut health

Your digestive tract is the start point for every aspect of your health. 
Healthy digestion means you can break down your food and use it to power every physiological function in your body. Beyond this, your digestive system is a major detox organ. It's essential for removing waste and toxic compounds from your body. It's a key immune defender, preventing toxins and pathogens from entering the bloodstream as well as creating factors that improve your immune response. Your digestive system is involved in producing and regulating many hormones, including those that govern sleep, hunger, mood and metabolism.
It plays a role in pain sensation, weight storage and so much more. 

The healthier your gut is, the healthier you are.

Stomach Ache

Signs your gut needs a hand!

  • Frequent unexplained nausea

  • Acid reflux/ GERD/ GORD

  • Indigestion

  • Smelly and frequent gas

  • Pain, cramps and discomfort in the
    upper or lower abdomen

  • Discomfort, pain or bloating after eating

  • Bloating, generally and often

  • Constipation/ Diarrhoea or a combo of both

  • Frequent urgent and loose bowel movements

  • Food intolerences

This is your body telling you something is not right. Listen.
If you need gut healing, start here.

What causes these digestive issues?

It's different for every person, but digestive symptoms tend to occur in response to one or more of the following.

  • Modern Western Diet / High in processed foods

  • High sugar & processed carbohydrates

  • Frequent or long term alcohol consumption

  • C-section birth and or limited/no breast feeding

  • Antibiotics

  • Other drugs and medications, especially NSAIDS

  • Long term stress

  • Physical or emotional traumas

  • Food poisoning/ exposure to external pathogens

  • Surgical procedures or illness

  • Lack of gut-friendly foods

Wholefood-Mama-gut healing.jpg
Wholefood-Mama-gut healing.jpg

How to heal your gut?

How you heal your gut depends on what caused the issue/s, and what those issues are. In my gut healing consultations, I assess your symptoms against your diet, lifestyle, health and emotional history. Sometimes we need to test to see what's going on in there too. There may be bacterial, fungal or yeast imbalances, enzyme issues, acid imbalances and more. Once we identify the likely cause/s, we use diet, lifestyle and supplemental support to get you feeling better ASAP. We aim to reduce symptoms, restore function and prevent recurrence.  It takes a little time and effort, but when you make the changes, the improvements are profound.

Other stuff to know...

Food sensitivities & intolerances: Although I test for food intolerances and remove offending foods in the short term, I don't count intolerances as contributing factors because once we heal your gut, you should be able to eat most foods in moderation. There are exceptions of course, and again, it's individual.

Other signs of poor gut health: Skin issues like psoriasis, dermatitis, bumps and rashes are often related, as are auto-immune conditions, low mood, anxiety and depression. Restless leg syndrome is common too.


Poor gut health is often present in chronic conditions including diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease and obesity.

If you need help getting on top of your digestive and  gut concerns, let's get together!

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