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About My Programs

All my diet plans use functional foods to support optimal body functions and promote better health.

Every program is nutritionist-designed and based on the most current diet and nutrition research.
They use only whole foods and are low-sugar, low GI, low preservative, low additive, low in unhealthy fats, mostly gluten free and anti-inflammatory. They are high in essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre and other nutrients essential for good health.
They're easy-to-follow, delicious, and designed for your success. Give one a go!

Benefits you can expect

Your results will depend on your health when starting, how well you stick to the program and how long you stay on it. That said, all my programs are designed to help you achieve at least 3 of the following health benefits:

  • Weight Loss

  • Clothes fit better

  • Improved energy

  • Less fatigue and sluggishness

  • Better bathroom habits

  • Better sleep quality

  • Reduced symptoms of PMS, menopause/ peri-menopause

  • Improved mood

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Healthier skin

  • Less brain fog

  • Reduced sugar cravings

Most people experience at least 3. Many achieve 5, 6 or more



Whole foods provide all the nutrients you need for optimal physical function. It's not just vitamins and minerals. It's fibre, antioxidants, phytonutrients, omega 3, and importantly, digestive and anti inflammatory foods that supercharge your health.


The programs remove foods and food compounds known to harm the body. We dramatically reduce chemicals, additives, preservatives, inflammatory foods. This takes a load off your digestive and detox organs and allows you to cleanse, clear and repair.


Late night eating, grazing, snacking, over- eating, and what you do before or after meals will all have an influence on your weight, digestion, metabolism, sleep, energy and blood sugar levels. My programs help you create better habits around eating.


My diet plans are effective, practical and DO-ABLE! They use foods that are easy to find and meals that are quick to make. I've done the planning, made the shopping lists and give you all the tools and education to succeed. All you have to do is start!


My plans don't follow a fad or trend.

They are whole food diets with fundamentals of traditional Mediterranean and plant based eating with some paleo, keto and fasting baked into different programs for different purposes. Ultimately, my diet plans are built to meet your body's health & nutrient needs. They increase benefical foods and minimise foods that are harmful. They're based on the most current nutrition science and designed to help you make healthier choices and understand why. Every program comes with education. You learn the benefits of certain foods, and issues caused by others. You'll discover new foods, how to cook with them and healthy recipes you'll use for years to come. Best of all, you'll start a journey of weight loss, weight management, better energy, vitality and seriously better health. Start today!

Why people LOVE my diet plans

Food was delicious. Will definitely continue using the recipes. I had so much more energy, less bloated, dropped kilos and was surprised how easy it was. The meal planning and shopping list was great.

Trudie, Seaforth



  • Nutritionist designed science based healthy meal plan

  • Shopping list to match

  • Recipes for every meal on the plan

  • In-depth nutrition and diet information

  • Educational coaching webinars before, during and after your program to set you up for success

  • Group membership to ask questions & chat with other participants

  • Access to ME for Q& A the duration of your program


  • Gluten-free or very minimal gluten* 

  • Dairy-Free or very minimal dairy*

  • Mostly plant based

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • No additives or preservatives

  • Low GI

  • No processed sugar

  • No trans fats

  • High fibre

  • High in Essential Vitamins & Minerals

  • High in Antioxidants

  • High in phytonutrients
    *Options for personal contact during the programs allows advice on swapping gluten, dairy or other foods if required.


When you sign up, you get online access to your personal program portal, where you can access all the content, plus extra bonuses like:

  • Online yoga classes

  • Breathwork, meditation or classes

  • Discounted personal coaching sessions while your program is active

  • 10% OFF full nutrition consults if booked within 30 days of your program


Cooking and shopping: Yes, every plan involves both!

  • This aspect of my diet programs is what helps you stick with healthier eating AFTER your program ends. On your plan, you'll learn what to buy, where to buy, what to cook and how to cook. Your kitchen ingredients will evolve and so will your eating habits.

  • In most cases, shopping costs less than or similar to our regular weekly groceries. The meal plans are designed for single serves for breakfast/lunch meals and dinner recipes are generally for 4. You will need to adjust your shopping and cooking.

  • I've worked VERY hard to keep the meals as quick and easy as possible. Breakfasts should be ready in 5-10 mins, dinners rarely more than 30 minutes. The cooking instructions are basic too. It's not Masterchef; its healthy every day cooking you can actually fit into to your day.

When buying your plan, please be mindful of the following:

  • My diet plans are general programs, suitable for most people.

  • The general nature of the programs means they do not cater for individuals with specific dietary requirements, allergies or food intolerences. Most plans include meals and recipes containing seafood, nuts, seeds, eggs and other common allergens. Be mindful of your personal needs.

  • If you are coeliac: Some plans contain small amounts of gluten. You can still join in, but may need to make food swaps for gluten-free alternatives as needed. You are always welcome to contact me during a plan to discuss GF alternatives.

  • If you have IBS or IBS-like digestive symptoms, you may find legumes, beans, starchy proteins and even some fruits and vegetables difficult to digest. This may increase bloating, pain or cramps. If this is you, you might benefit from a personal gut health consultation which will provide you a more personalised meal plan as well as healing support. You can book a FREE for a 15 min. discovery call here  if you think that will suit you better.

The programs are not intended as medical advice.

  • These programs are not intended to diagnose or treat any specific medical condition or personal health outcome.

  • If you need medical support or assistance, please seek advice from your personal healthcare practitioner.


  • All Whole Food Mama Diet Plans and Programs are protected by international Copyright Law. It is unlawful to reproduce, share or pass on any of the content supplied during your program. And its just unkind too. Please respect my work.

  • Given the intellectual nature of the product, and the immediacy of delivery, there is a no-refund policy.

  • There are few situations where refund may be applicable and those will be assessed if need on a case-by-case basis.


  • Due to the intellectual nature of the programs and the immediacy of their delivery, refunds are not available.

  • If for some reason you feel a refund is warranted I will assess requests on case by case basis. Contact me here.

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