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If you feel sluggish, tired or constipated, are overweight, have foggy thinking or struggle to get going most days, your body will LOVE this reset!


It's more than detox, it's an educational, nutrition based, safe, functional, life changing health cleanse.


If you need to know more, please reach out here. If you're ready to start, don't hesitate, just go for it!


Whole Health Reset: 3 Week Guided Wholefood Cleanse

  • 3 week wholefood cleanse with online education and lifetime diet guidance.

    As per all my food and diet programs, this is anti-inflammatory, preservative free, toxin low, low GI, high nutrient, high fibre, gut friendly and so on.

    The program is designed to deeply cleanse and reset your body. It's carefully staged over 3 weeks as follows:

    • Week 1: REMOVE
    • Week 2: DETOX
    • Week 3: RESTORE

    This is a guided, supported and educational detox plan that teaches you healthy diet and lifestyle habits you'll keep for life!

    You'll end your 3 weeks looking and feeling lighter, more energetic, healthier and totally inspired to keep going.

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